Domingo 21 de Diciembre, 2014
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Bilingual judge serves city of Port Wentworth
La Voz
Bilingual judge serves  city of Port Wentworth

Last month, attorney Thomas L. Cole was sworn in by Mayor Glenn Jones as the new Chief Judge for Port Wentworth, Ga. Cole also serves as a municipal court judge for Thunderbolt, Ga. and sits as a Judge Pro-Tempore in Savannah's Recorder's Court.
Cole is the first Spanish-speaking judge to serve on the Port Wentworth bench.
“In my private practice I represent many Latin American clients,” Cole said. “ As a Judge, my
fluency in Spanish and my familiarity with the culture help me explain the law and consequences to any Latinos appearing in my Court.”
The Port Wentworth courts also witnessed another “first” when Judge Cole selected African-American attorney Derek White to serve with him.
“My first decision as Chief Judge was to select Derek White as the Port Wentworth's Judge Pro-Tempore,” Cole said. “Judge White is the first African-American Judge to serve in this city and I have been impressed with his knowledge of the law and his judicial demeanor.”